It’s just amazing sometimes. I will walk into Lindy’s office with a varied set of symptoms and no idea what’s at the source of it all. Somehow, she always manages to get past my defenses and my very quick mind... and suddenly we are at the heart of the matter. She always really “ gets me” and intuits just what I need. Yesterday about an hour after I took a remedy she prescribed, my mood lifted, ( the sun came back out), I had my sense of humor back ..and a chronic cough I’d had for months disappeared. In my book, she’s a rock star.

Lindy is the most trusted and vital health care professional in my life. She has done more to improve the quality and stability of my health than anyone else. Lindy has given me the tools to control migraines and allergies, she has helped me successfully navigate the sometimes stormy waters of peri-menopause, and she has counseled me through the resolution of stress related sleep disturbances. A visit with Lindy is a consistently thorough, comprehensive and holistic experience. I never feel rushed, my opinions are never dismissed and I always leave knowing that I have a plan in place that is clear and manageable. I am a participant in my own care and cure, not simply a patient receiving treatment. Lindy has a directness and clarity in her approach that I treasure. She is a gifted and tenacious diagnostician who never loses sight of the individual. Her warmth, wit and practicality have made her a trusted healthcare partner for me and my whole family. Knowing that that we have access to the kind of care Lindy provides is a constant source of comfort. She is my first call, the ace up my sleeve and my Plan B, all rolled into one.

My daughter, my husband and I have been patients of Lindy’s practice for over four years. She has helped us resolve both chronic and acute health issues and build our immune systems to avoid problems in the first place. She is our first call when anyone in the family is ill. I’m continually amazed at her ability to pinpoint exactly what we need, whether that be a homeopathic remedy, a supplement, diet change or lifestyle intervention. We trust her implicitly and recommend her to everyone.

Lindy has been my first line of defense for 15 years. In that time, she has helped me navigate a variety of issues that had previously stumped other medical professionals. She uses deep listening skills to understand the whole picture of health and draw connections between seemingly unrelated symptoms. Quite often, she assesses not only my current situation, but successfully foresees what lies ahead. I greatly appreciate her candor, extensive knowledge and passion for the process. I feel fortunate to have her on my team.

I have known Lindy Grigel as a colleague for almost 2 decades and for all of that time, she has been an astute diagnostician and clinician and a gifted homeopath. She redefines the word compassion in her dedication to children and families. Her conjoint skills as an OT and family practice/ER Physician’s Assistant have earned her, in my estimation, a doctorate in integrative medicine. Those in need of integrative family care will be well served at Fal River Health Center.

My family has been working with Lindy for a couple of years and during that time we have seen some profound changes in our children’s behavior and wellbeing. Lindy’s way of getting to the root of issues that hinder growth or create friction is nothing short of miraculous. Her work with my older daughter has been especially amazing. The first remedy she gave her was the most dramatic by far, helping to reconnect my daughter and I after the birth of her sister. The changes in my daughter’s behavior have been profound — her aggression and anger issues and her lack of connection to me have diminished significantly. The first evening she took her remedy my daughter sat in my lap facing me at bedtime and brushed my hair, stroked my face and kissed me. She looked me in the eyes. She hugged me with serious and true affection. This connection had been missing between us for way too long and nothing had helped get it back until Lindy’s work with us. In my own personal story, Lindy’s remedy for me calmed my cycle and ended the ovarian cyst ruptures that had been a painfully familiar part of my monthly experience for almost 20 years. I have not had a cyst rupture since I started taking my remedy. I believe in Lindy’s approach and would recommend her to everyone I know!

Both of my children and I have seen Lindy on a regular basis for over eight years now. She has helped us through sleep deprivation, developmental milestones, as well as acute illnesses. Lindy has supported us through pregnancy, postpartum and life transitions. Lindy's ability to listen, see the whole picture and trouble shoot to come up with a solution is truly priceless. I cannot say enough great things about Fal River Health Center! Lindy is my go-to health practitioner because I know she can support us through anything and when needed, she refers us to other specialists as well.

Before I went to Lindy G., I had really bad anxiety and suffered from lots of stomach and headaches. My mom, dad and I tried various places and methods to relieve my pain. We cut wheat, dairy and high-fructose corn syrup from my diet and went to a doctor, a chiropractor, an acupuncturist and also tried counseling. I could not focus at school or even enjoy being at school because my anxiety was so bad. All I wanted was to be by my mom's side. I never did anything a twelve-year-old usually got to do including sleepovers, play dates, shopping or anything with my family because of my constant stomach and headaches. But once I tried Lindy's remedies, I felt amazing. Not like it happened right away, but I saw myself make huge progress and I felt on top of the world. Her plan worked better than all my past treatments put together. So now I hope Mrs. Grigel can change your life like she changed mine.

I have had the opportunity to collaborate with Lindy in the treatment of children and adolescents over the past 15 years. Lindy’s insight and vast knowledge of homeopath along with years of experience as well as her ability to see the big picture has allowed many of these children and adolescents to return to a state of vibrant health. Lindy is an invaluable member of the integrative healthcare community of southern Maine.