As a gifted listener and keen observer, Lindy is able to perceive multiple facets of a child’s constitution. She approaches her clinical practice with a deep understanding of the imponderable effects of 21st century influences on our health and wellbeing.

Good-natured and profoundly kind, she is valued for her unique ability to bond with children in a therapeutic relationship, helping them to regain health, happiness, and laughter in their lives.

Lindy interfaces with patients, parents, physicians, psychologists, therapists, and schools to offer a comprehensive spectrum of integrative health evaluations and treatment approaches.  Each individualized assessment examines the need for a pharmaceutical prescription, homeopathic medicine, botanical supplement, and lifestyle changes. Treatment plans may include nutrition counseling, sleep hygiene coaching, and mindfulness training to optimize a child’s success in their environment. Lindy views our youth as a renewable resource of the future; their health is an integral aspect of the worlds’ sustainability.

Examples of conditions Lindy has successfully treated include, but are not limited to:

Anxiety & Depression
Autism Spectrum Disorder
Behavioral & Environmental Challenges 
Bowel Dysbiosis
Constipation and/or Diarrhea
Developmental Delays
Encopresis (bowel elimination disorder)

Enuresis (bedwetting)
Lyme disease
Neurodevelopmental disorders
Oral Motor Sensitivity Syndrome (feeding disorders)
Otitis Media (ear infections)
Sensory Processing Disorder 
Sleep Disturbances 
Speech Delays
Tourette’s Syndrome
Vaccination Counseling 

The greatest medicine of all is teaching people how to not need it. – Hippocrates