Fal River Health Center, LLC

Linda S. Grigel MHP, P.A.-C, CCH

Lindy established Fal River Health Center, LLC in 2004 to offer Integrative Medicine to the greater Portland community. Her practice has expanded to treat over 1,300 patients across multiple continents.

Response to Covid-19

May 26th, 2020

 The past few weeks have been a journey of exploring options and guidelines to safely open Fal River Health Center, LLC amidst a scientific mystery that leaves clues and few answers. There have been daunting moments, akin to my memories of climbing in the Himalayas and kayaking in Alaska. Strength, courage, and a profound understanding of the prevailing forces will guide us to safety, health, & happiness.

For many people life feels as if it is in suspended animation. By opening the office, I hope to offer movement to restore social contact & patient centered integrative medical care.

Following CDC guidelines, I will be offering limited in person office visits beginning June 8th.

Telemedicine will continue as we bridge the challenges of social distancing & medicine. If you have any questions regarding these procedures please call the office. Safety and well-being is my focus as we begin re-entry during the pandemic.


Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled office visit and call 207-781-7880.

The office is locked and we are not using the waiting room. You will need this extra time to follow safety precautions upon entering the building and office.

*Masks will be required for anyone entering the office*

  • Proceed up the stairs to the office door by the waiting room. Please stop at the restroom across the hall from the office and wash your hands for 20 seconds.
  • Hand sanitizer will be used prior to entering our office. Temperature check & pulse oximetry will be recorded. Screening checklist will be verified.
  • Appointment times will be honored to assure proper cleaning of the office between patients. If you arrive late, your appointment will be shortened.
  • Please be prepared to leave coats & bags on a plastic boot tray in the waiting room. No loose items, including keys & cell phones, will be allowed in the exam room.
  • Everyone in the office will be wearing masks, andwe are trained in proper cleaning and sanitizing procedures.
  • We will go directly to my office. Remedies will be prepared & given to you while you are in the room.
  • Please avoid stopping at the front desk as you enter & leave the office.
    Scheduling & payments will continue to be done via phone.
  • Upon departure, you will be offered a clean wipe to handle the doors as you exit the building.


  • One parent can accompany a child to the exam room. To keep the office as sanitary as possible, no siblings and/or caretakers will be allowed to enter the office.
  • To prepare your child for an in-person office visit, I am happy to schedule a short Google Hangout call to practice what I am calling “MASKERADE time with Lindy”.  I will wear a mask and tell a story of why we need to cover our mouths & noses.
  • Toys & books have been removed from the office. If your child has a favorite plastic toy (such as an animal on the farm), I can have one toy available. Please let us know at the time the appointment is scheduled.
  • PLEASE do not bring anything from home including food, sippy cups, toys or books.

It is an honor to hold a beacon of light through these challenging times & I look forward to seeing you in person soon!

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Approaching medicine with a reverence for the mind-body connection, Lindy focuses on patient-centered care and wellness education. She examines the source of health imbalances and provides effective treatment supported by evidence-based research and clinical experience. With acumen and wisdom, Lindy draws upon her vast medical knowledge to help individuals and families achieve sustainable health.

Lindy’s interest in Integrative Medicine dates back over fifty years and is ingrained in her family history. After emigrating from Russia, her grandfather became a successful pharmacist in Philadelphia. As a young child, she spent many hours alongside him, quietly witnessing the art and science of medicine.


“Sometimes in life, you meet someone that you could not imagine life without thereafter. Dr. Lindy is that person for our family. Myself, my husband, our son and the baby currently growing in my belly have all benefited immensely from her knowledge, wisdom and treatment. She is straight-talk, tough love and great humor wrapped up into a medical practitioner who deeply cares about her patients. She has helped us solve complicated problems including emotional burnout, sleep, ear infections, allergies and many more. We owe so much of our family’s vibrant health to her guidance and cannot recommend her enough!”

- Abbi B, Yarmouth

“I have known Lindy Grigel as a colleague for almost 2 decades and for all of that time, she has been an astute diagnostician and clinician and a gifted homeopath. She redefines the word compassion in her dedication to children and families. Her conjoint skills as an OT and family practice/ER Physician’s Assistant have earned her, in my estimation, a doctorate in integrative medicine. Those in need of integrative family care will be well served at Fal River Health Center.”

- Wendy Pollock DC, CCH

Art Acknowledgments: Painting – Deborah Penney; Photography – Cuppa Photography, Purty Photography