Fal River Health Center, LLC

Linda S. Grigel MHP, P.A.-C, CCH

Lindy established Fal River Health Center, LLC in 2004 to offer Integrative Medicine to the greater Portland community. Her practice has expanded to treat over 1,300 patients across multiple continents.



Approaching medicine with a reverence for the mind-body connection, Lindy focuses on patient-centered care and wellness education. She examines the source of health imbalances and provides effective treatment supported by evidence-based research and clinical experience. With acumen and wisdom, Lindy draws upon her vast medical knowledge to help individuals and families achieve sustainable health.

Lindy’s interest in Integrative Medicine dates back over fifty years and is ingrained in her family history. After emigrating from Russia, her grandfather became a successful pharmacist in Philadelphia. As a young child, she spent many hours alongside him, quietly witnessing the art and science of medicine.


“Sometimes in life, you meet someone that you could not imagine life without thereafter. Dr. Lindy is that person for our family. Myself, my husband, our son and the baby currently growing in my belly have all benefited immensely from her knowledge, wisdom and treatment. She is straight-talk, tough love and great humor wrapped up into a medical practitioner who deeply cares about her patients. She has helped us solve complicated problems including emotional burnout, sleep, ear infections, allergies and many more. We owe so much of our family’s vibrant health to her guidance and cannot recommend her enough!”

- Abbi B, Yarmouth

“Lindy Grigel has been a godsend for our family. She’s helped us navigate the complicated world of parenting a toddler with health issues and helped us build our confidence, resilience and family connection. I recommend all of my friends to Lindy because she’s the best of holistic wisdom with evidence based medical training.”

- Kate W

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