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Linda S. Grigel MHP, P.A.-C, CCH

Lindy established Fal River Health Center, LLC in 2004 to offer Integrative Medicine to the greater Portland community. Her practice has expanded to treat over 1,300 patients across multiple continents.


March 26th, 2020

       As of 3/24, Governor Mills implemented policies to restrain the spread of Covid-19. Life is changing day-to-day locally, nationally, and globally. People are contacting me regarding Covid-19 testing in Maine. As promised, I am updating important information as I receive it. Below is a section from an email that I received from the Board of License in Medicine & Maine CDC.  

       The best preventive medicine is to take responsibility for your health and well- being. I strongly encourage extra sleep, quality nutrition, and to go outside to be in nature. As we learn more about Covid-19, we know that the virus can live prolonged periods of time on metal. Please remove rings, bracelets, etc., that could be a carrier of the virus. Consider switching to an easily cleanable alternative; Enso, Groove Life, and QALO make silicone rings and wedding bands.

       Effective today, all appointments are being scheduled on Google Hangout Meet unless other arrangements have been made. If you already have an appointment scheduled, we will contact you about changing it to Hangout Meet. If you do not have Gmail and cannot set up an account, you can schedule a phone call with or without FaceTime. Please be in touch if you have questions or concerns. Often, a short phone call can alleviate worries about your health.

       Sending hope for health to each of you and the global community. 


Important Information from Maine CDC

  1. Testing at state lab (HETL).Maine now meets U.S. CDC’s criteria for a Moderate level of community transmission. At present, a limited national supply of laboratory materials inhibits Maine’s testing capacity. Therefore, consistent with U.S. CDC guidelines, Maine is now creating a prioritization system to test individuals in high-risk categories.

       To preserve Maine’s specimen collection and testing supplies for patients who may develop severe COVID-19 illness over the coming months, effective immediately, Maine Health and Environmental Testing Laboratory (HETL) will prioritize testing to high-risk individuals and will only accept specimens for testing from symptomatic individuals who have fever or respiratory symptoms and who fall into one of the following high-risk categories:

                    Tier 1:                                                                                                                                                            Tier 2:
-Those who are hospitalized                                                                               -Patients living in congregate setting (e.g., LTCFs, group homes,           -Health care workers                                                                                              assisted living facilities, jails, shelters)
-First responders (e.g., EMS Police, Fire)                                                           -Patients older than 60 years
                                                                                                                                   -Patients with underlying medical conditions

Testing within these categories is likely to be prioritized further based on availability of laboratory materials. Presently the emphasis will be on groups within Tier 1. This guidance is in general accordance with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) recommendations for prioritizing COVID-1 testing for individuals. 

March 24th, 2020

“The noblest question in the world is: What good may I do in it?” — Ben Franklin

During this unprecedented global upheaval, the “good,” that I am focusing on is to be an active learner about Covid-19, sort through the vast amount of conventional and integrative medicine information, and share important updates. 

Moving forward, emails will only be sent if information is critical. I will be posting regular updates to: 
Website www.falriverhealthcenter.com
Facebook www.facebook.com/FalRiverHealthCenter

The early signs and symptoms of Covid-19 can vary from person to person and are not limited to fever, fatigue, and/or dry cough. GI, nasal, and/or sinus symptoms, including loss of smell, may be an early presentation. Chloroquine & Zithromax are being explored for off label use and are not an easy solution to a very complex problem.

We are all in a learning curve. I am reaching out to the Fal River Health Center community and beyond to please stay informed, heed advice from the CDC regarding hand washing, physical distancing, and staying home.

The Fal River Health Center office is open this week, implementing CDC Covid-19 guidelines. I am available for extended hours when necessary. Appointments are being scheduled via Phone Call, FaceTime, and Skype. If you need remedies or supplements, we are mailing them out via 1 or 2-Day Priority Mail, and we have a secured pickup area outside our office.  

In the last email (posted below & Facebook page), I shared information about supplements for immune support. These are still the top recommendations. For those of you who have Aqualaurin, you can use it as a hand sanitizer, 1/8 tsp per 3-4 oz water in a spray bottle. If you have questions, please call 207-781-7880. 

Masterful homeopathic teachers from around the world are sharing information for both prophylaxis and treatment of Covid-19. We do not know of a genus epidemicus at this time; more cases are needed for review. As of today, unless you are in a household with a confirmed or suspected case of Covid-19, I am not recommending prophylaxis. This may change as we learn more about the confirmed cases in Maine.

If you have homeopathic remedies at home, the following have been successfully used in the past 2 weeks: Arsenicum Album, Gelsemium, Bryonia, Phosphorus, and Phos Acid. The list is continually evolving as we see patients and collect more data. Individual case taking and constitutional prescriptions are my first recommendation.

Runny nose/sore throat can be confused with the early signs and symptoms of Covid-19. We know the virus has an affinity for nasal and throat mucosa; it binds to receptors and travels to the lower respiratory tract. If you have known seasonal allergies, now is the time to start nasal spray/irrigation, D-Hist, and whatever you use to control histamine inflammation. 

Spring is here and I encourage everyone to be outside and in nature as much as possible. Staying home with worries negatively impacts your health and wellbeing. Connection to the earth is healing for the self and for the environment. With the warmer weather, ticks are abundant. Please do tick checks each time you go in/outside your home. Our Facebook page has resources and articles about Lyme disease and prevention. 

Beyond medical information, I am sending calmness & blessings for health to all individuals and the greater world at large. 

MARCH 16TH, 2020

In these unsettling times, I am reaching out to the Fal River Health Center community to allay fears about the Covid-19 pandemic and create a place of collective health. Together, we have the ability to leverage our physical and emotional well-being.

We have been through two very troubling weeks from both a local and world health perspective. Fear tends to fill the space when information is scarce. People often turn to internet sources; please be aware that you may be reading misinformation!

I am working diligently to be a sound resource. I am receiving numerous emails from reliable medical sources, including Medscape, CDC, BOLIM, & NCCPA.  I am following homeopathic forums that discuss epidemics and remedies that are effectively treating Covid-19, worldwide. The office is stocked with the most recent recommendations and I will continue to monitor all treatment options both in the allopathic & integrative medical models.


Immune Support, Adult Dose, ages 10+:

  • Vitamin C 1,000mg
  • Vitamin D, 2,000IU- 5,000IU depending on your health status
  • Zinc 10-15mg
  • Elderberry, (Anthos Immune), 1-3 tsp / day
  • If you are being treated with Aqualaurin, you can use it as a nasal/oral spray and hand sanitizer. 1/8 tsp per 3- 4 ounces of water
  • Healthy nutrition = stay hydrated! Cut down on sugar, refined foods and alcohol
  • Attempt to have 8 hours or restorative sleep hygiene/ night.
  • Mindfulness strategies to find a sense of calm & spend time outside in nature.

Immune Support, Ages 5-10 Years:

  • Vitamin C 500-1,000mg
  • Vitamin D3 800-1,200IU
  • Elderberry, Antho-immune ½ – 1 tsp
  • Zinc 5-15mg

 Immune Support, Ages 1-5 Years:

  • Vitamin C 250-500mg
  • Vitamin D3 800IU
  • Elderberry, Antho-immune ¼ – ½ tsp

Immune Support, Ages 6Mo-1 Year:

  • Vitamin C 50-250mg
  • Vitamin D3 400-800IUs


  • Staying calm and being outside in the sunshine will improve your immunity.
  • Yes, you need to wash your hands for 20 seconds and follow CDC recommendations. Sing happy birthday x2; scrub between your fingers and over your fingernails. When you have finished, bring your hands to your forehead or heart, take a deep breath and exhale as if you are blowing out a birthday candle. Make a wish for calm, wellbeing, and world health.
  • Consider wearing a silicone wedding ring that is easily cleaned. (Enso, Groove Life, QALO).
  • If you are currently being treated with a constitutional remedy, consider taking one additional dose of the 30c potency.
  • Limit time spent in large, confined areas. Be resourceful with your children- play games, be present, and provide reassurance. Change is difficult for children as well as adults. Love strengthens our immune health.
  • Encourage children to limit playdates and visits to playgrounds where there is hugging/ kissing with friends.
  • If you are ill, please consider staying at home; an important strategy in containment.


  • Homeopathy can be extremely helpful in supporting the vital energy/ immune system. I will open extended hours to accommodate appointments as needed.
  • The office is being cleared of books, magazines, and loose objects so we can clean more effectively.
  • All toys, except the barn, are being temporarily moved out of my office. Please limit what you bring into the office.
  • Follow up appointments for constitutional treatment can be changed to a phone consult.
  • If you are acutely ill, please contact the office before coming in for an appointment. Penalty for late notice cancellations due to illness will be waived through April 15th; this date may be extended.

We are all journeying into uncharted waters together.
Please know that you are not alone; be in touch if you have individual questions.


Approaching medicine with a reverence for the mind-body connection, Lindy focuses on patient-centered care and wellness education. She examines the source of health imbalances and provides effective treatment supported by evidence-based research and clinical experience. With acumen and wisdom, Lindy draws upon her vast medical knowledge to help individuals and families achieve sustainable health.

Lindy’s interest in Integrative Medicine dates back over fifty years and is ingrained in her family history. After emigrating from Russia, her grandfather became a successful pharmacist in Philadelphia. As a young child, she spent many hours alongside him, quietly witnessing the art and science of medicine.


“Sometimes in life, you meet someone that you could not imagine life without thereafter. Dr. Lindy is that person for our family. Myself, my husband, our son and the baby currently growing in my belly have all benefited immensely from her knowledge, wisdom and treatment. She is straight-talk, tough love and great humor wrapped up into a medical practitioner who deeply cares about her patients. She has helped us solve complicated problems including emotional burnout, sleep, ear infections, allergies and many more. We owe so much of our family’s vibrant health to her guidance and cannot recommend her enough!”

- Abbi B, Yarmouth

“I have known Lindy Grigel as a colleague for almost 2 decades and for all of that time, she has been an astute diagnostician and clinician and a gifted homeopath. She redefines the word compassion in her dedication to children and families. Her conjoint skills as an OT and family practice/ER Physician’s Assistant have earned her, in my estimation, a doctorate in integrative medicine. Those in need of integrative family care will be well served at Fal River Health Center.”

- Wendy Pollock DC, CCH

Art Acknowledgments: Painting – Deborah Penney; Photography – Cuppa Photography, Purty Photography