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Patient Thoughts

Vaccination Schedules & Sleep Disturbances

Lindy Grigel is well known in the Birth Roots community for her skills in supporting a child's health and well-being. The time investment she offers with her in-depth review of a child's health and family history allows her to make confident recommendations for homeopathic remedies. Families from the Birth Roots community have specifically recommended her for remedies that support healthy immune function, individualized vaccination schedules and remedies that sooth sleep and behavioral disturbances among others.
-- Leah

As the primary prenatal and postnatal instructor at Birth Roots in Portland, ME I frequently and confidently refer families to Lindy's practice. Families speak very highly of her assessment skills in identifying subtle variations in their children's health or behavioral presentations. She brings confidence to anxious new families, especially in the arena of finding a middle path with the vaccination schedule. We are very fortunate to have someone with her skill in our community.
-- Emily M.

I brought my son Joshua, now almost two and a half, to see Lindy Grigel when he was just a few months old. I was concerned about the standard vaccination schedule, and Lindy had been recommended as a person who would take a family history and suggest a personalized alternative schedule. She helped us figure out what would work best for my son based on his family history of cancer, allergies, asthma, and eczema. Given that Joshua ended up having a significant reaction to his first DTaP shot, I was very glad to have her help on board.

Lindy quickly became an integral part of Joshua's team of healthcare providers. With Lindy's guidance, we have navigated and overcome food allergies, sleep issues, digestion problems, and chronic ear infections. With the right constitutional homoeopathic remedy, I have seen a cold/cough combo stopped in its tracks, when previously, it had dragged on for weeks.

Lindy, who is also certified as a physician's assistant, has not hesitated to recommend traditional medicines and approaches when she believes them appropriate and necessary. I trust her completely. I can't tell you how many times I have heard it said in my circle of moms: "Lindy is a miracle worker!" I wholeheartedly agree.
-Sarah M. LCSW

Allergies & Asthma

My children's pediatrician suggested I make an appointment to see Lindy Grigel after my four- year-old daughter developed a severe cough that affected her ability to breathe and the doctor who treated her recommended prednisone, nebulizer treatments, and a subsequent asthma treatment plan. We also consulted an allergist and then shared the information from these appointments with Lindy. After reviewing my daughter's medical history, family background, lifestyle and environmental influences, Lindy suggested we try a constitutional remedy to alleviate what had become a chronic cough. After a few weeks on the remedy, my daughter's cough and breathing difficulties subsided significantly. It's been two years since this first scary respiratory episode and my daughter's health is excellent. She visits Lindy a few times a year. All three of my children, my husband, and I now use Fal River Health Care and see Lindy Grigel to help us manage allergies, sickness, injuries, and to maintain our overall wellness. Lindy's ability to look at the overall picture of a person's lifestyle, family history, personality, and environment when treating him or her has been an invaluable resource to my family.
--April W


Before I went to Lindy G., I had really bad anxiety and suffered from lots of stomach and headaches. My mom, dad and I tried various places and methods to relieve my pain. We cut wheat, dairy, and high-fructose corn syrup from my diet and went to a doctor, a chiropractor, and also tried counseling and acupuncture. I could not focus at school or even enjoy being at school because my anxiety was so bad. All I wanted was to be by my mom's side. I never did anything a twelve-year-old usually got to do including sleepovers, play dates, shopping or anything with my family because of my constant stomach and headaches.

But once I tried Lindy's remedies, I felt amazing. Not like it happened right away, but I saw myself make huge progress, and I felt on top of the world. Her plan worked better than all my past treatments worked put together. So now I hope Mrs. Grigel can change your life like she changed mine.
--Kyle D. (12 years old)

We worked with Lindy over the course of a few years on issues surrounding our child's anxiety and sleep difficulties. Her unique combination of deep listening and good-humored straight talk provided us with a missing puzzle piece during some challenging times. We are so grateful for the profound and lasting effects that these treatments have had on our health and peace of mind.
--Lisa B, Brunswick

Whole Health

I had often heard the words "holistic medicine" but it wasn't until I started as a patient of Lindy Grigel at Fal River Health Center that I came to understand the true meaning of those words. I believed homeopathy to be an avenue to complete health so I started seeing a homeopathic practitioner in the early 80's. My trials met with limited success. Years later, after seeing the success that both my young sons had with Lindy, I decided to become a patient myself. Our first session together was long and careful and I felt heard and cared about. I was able to be open and honest about my life. Lindy prescribed a remedy that I had not had before. It has transformed my life! Friends remark on a complete shift in my being. At first I didn't know what people were talking about, then I realized that because of my remedy, the "at peace" feeling I have inside now shows on the outside! I will be forever grateful, as late as this remedy comes in my life, to be able to live the rest of my life in "whole" health of body, mind and spirit. I attribute this to the thoughtful presence and intuitive healing of Lindy Grigel.
--Kate S.