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Mandala Workshop

Eat, Sleep and Learn A Mandala of Pediatric Health

Linda S. Grigel, MHP, P.A.-C, CCH teaches parents, educators and medical professionals about the impact of nutrition, sleep hygiene and digital media on the acquisition of knowledge. Workshops and personal consultations are designed to decode evolving paradigms and raise healthy, resilient children. Our children are a renewable resource of the future; their health is an integral aspect of our worlds’ sustainability.

Eat ~ Optimize Nutrition: Microbiome, Inflammatory Modulation, Dietary Fats, Glycemic Index, Rainbow Foods, Minerals, Supplements, Thank You Plate, Game Theory

Sleep ~ Create a Sleep Sanctuary: Circadian Rhythm, Sleep Architecture, NREM / REM Cycles, Sleep Debt, Sleep Disorders, Strategies, Mantras and Solutions

Learn ~ Acquisition of Knowledge: Age of Information, Brain Development, Imponderable Impact of Digital Media, APA Recommendations